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A post-Christmas ecological foray at a local Nature Reserve

We visited Golitha Falls for the first time last week in an attempt to burn off some of the Christmas overindulgence!  Golitha Falls is a National Nature Reserve located within a steeply sided wooded valley on Bodmin Moor.    It has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to its impressive woodland flora, with over 120 bryophyte species recorded.

We visited the site shortly after a period of heavy rain and the result was spectacular. The Rivery Fowey was flowing at speed and with dramatic urgency as it rushed over the cascades….the sound of the thundering water echoed around the gorge.  The boulders and trees were covered with a thick green carpet of moss, which together with the abundant delicate ferns , created an ethereal atmosphere – we would not have been surprised to see a woodland nymph peek out from behind an oak tree!

The reserve is an ecological delight and is home to a variety of moth and butterfly species, dormice, bats and birds such as dippers, pied flycatchers and treecreepers.   The river supports salmon and sea trout, and otters have also been observed playing in the water.

Golitha Falls is beautiful in the winter and we will definitely be revisiting it over the coming year to see it transform through the seasons.