Ecological Clerk of Works

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Ecological Clerk of Works


An Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) is often required during a development project to oversee works and ensure all legislative and planning requirements are being adhered to.  An ecological ‘tool box’ induction talk and supplementary notes can be provided for development sites that do not require supervision, but where there is still a need to highlight potential ecological issues.

Examples of tasks that may be carried out by an Ecological Clerk of Works include:

  • Topsoil scraping and fingertip searches (e.g. for reptiles and great crested newts)
  • Destructive searches/soft demolition of buildings (e.g. for bats)
  • Protected species capture and relocation, (e.g. newts and reptile)
  • Nesting bird checks prior to vegetation clearance/building demolition
  • Practical advice on mitigation to minimise the impact of works