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Lee Ecology cares about bats

Although we work with bats on a professional basis we also care for sick and injured bats in our spare time.  Tamsin is a registered voluntary bat carer with the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) and often gets calls, especially during the summer, to collect sick/injured bats that have been found by the general public. There have been occasions during a dinner party where the phone has rung and Tamsin has had to shoot off to collect a bat to the sound of the bat man theme being whistled by her friends and family!

Bats can be brought in for a variety of reasons but the most common causes are cat attacks or being grounded due to an unknown illness (heavy parasite burden etc).  Baby bats can also be found during the summer months and require a lot of care  and attention, if they are not able to be reunited with the mother.

Sometimes a bat patient will only require a little tlc in the form of food, water and warmth before being released, but at other times further intervention is needed.  Where cat injuries are suspected we will take the bat to our vet in order to obtain antibiotics and further advice.  Luckily our vet is now becoming more familiar with the requirements of sick bats!


If you find a bat that you suspect is injured or sick you can either contact us directly or get in touch with the BCT Bat Helpline on 0845 1300 228. Remember that bats are nocturnal so if you find a grounded bat during the day it is likely that it is unwell.    Keep the bat in a quiet and dark space, such as a shoe box, ensuring holes are punctured in the lid for ventilation.  Use a tea towel or cloth to gently scoop the bat up and into the box (do not handle it with exposed hands); it is a good idea to leave the tea towel with the bat to provide it with something to hide amongst.  Ensure that water is provided to help prevent dehydration; milk bottle tops work well as water dishes.  In an emergency a small amount of tinned dog or cat food can be provided.


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