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Lee Ecology doesn’t hibernate during the winter!

At this time of year we are busy with Phase 1 Habitat surveys and other non-seasonal work.  Remember to book in your preliminary ecological assessments early so that you are ready for the survey season, if further specialist work (e.g. bat surveys, reptile surveys) is required.  Some surveys are strictly seasonal so please get in touch if you would like further information on survey timings etc.

 The relatively quiet winter months also provide a good opportunity for us to refresh our knowledge and skills with extra reading, workshops and exploring new avenues for the company. Many animals may currently be hibernating but we are always busy with something!

Lee Ecology is an independent ecological consultancy based in the South West and offers a range of ecological services in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.  We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer care, prompt delivery of work and attention to detail.  Please contact us on info@leeecology.com.