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Traditional hedgelaying

We spent a wonderful sunny day last week laying some of the hedges around our small holding.  Traditional hedgelaying is a country craft which has been practiced for hundreds of years and is still practiced today despite our fast-paced lives and extensive use of all that is mechanised!  These traditional methods have many benefits including:

  • formation of livestock-proof barriers;
  • rejuvenation of existing hedgerows, by encouraging them to put on new growth and helping to improve their overall structure and strength;
  • affording greater weather protection to crops and wildlife; and
  • provision of aesthetically pleasing screens to fields and gardens

Hedges are normally laid on a rotational basis of between 5-7 years allowing nature to get a good hold and thrive.  Hedgelaying is a wonderful way of getting close to nature as you are observing the hedge in detail as you work. Please note that it is illegal to disturb nesting birds so hedgelaying is best undertaken during the autumn and winter months.

Any discarded wood/brash can also be used as firewood or to create brash/log piles for wildlife – nothing is wasted!


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